The Emotional Stages of Buying Your First Home (in Frederick)

It’s All Totally Normal: The Emotional Stages of Buying Your First Home (in Frederick)

There’s really no decision bigger than that you make to buy your first home. It’s always been there, this far off idea that someday you’ll have saved enough money for a down payment on your first home, but it’s never really been more than that. Until now.

Now is the time.

You’re buying your first home at Eastchurch in Frederick, Maryland.

And you couldn’t be more excited.

Nervous. Happy. Kind of scared. Happy. Stressed. Relieved. EXCITED.

Don’t worry. It’s normal. All first-time Maryland homebuyers — really, all homebuyers experience a range of emotions during the process, and trust us:

It’s totally normal to feel emotional about buying your first Frederick home.

First you’ll be excited.

You’ve been looking at homes, and going to open houses, and agonized over your decision. But finally you’ve made the decision to buy a new townhome at Eastchurch in Frederick. You’re excited thinking about how you’re going to decorate, and about the neighborhood bar down the street where you’ll become regulars, and about your housewarming party. You’re so excited.

And then the nervousness sets in.

This is the home for you. Eastchurch is the community for you. But will the lender approve you for the home loan? Will you get the homesite you want? You’ll pace, and you’ll bite your nails, and you’ll yearn to get back to that excited stage.

Soon, the nerves are replaced by sheer happiness.

YES. Your loan was approved, your homesite and your floorplan selected; construction will begin soon. It’s official. You’re buying a house, and you want to shout it from the rooftops. Go right ahead. And for what it’s worth, we’re so excited that you’ve chosen to call Eastchurch home.

Now you’re feeling a little impatient.

Will construction of your new home in Frederick ever be finished?! Sure doesn’t seem like it, and you’re starting to get impatient. You just want to move in already. We understand, but trust: Quality craftsmanship takes time, and your home is more than worth the wait.

As impatient and excited as you are, you can’t help feeling a little stressed.

That down payment. Those closing costs. Moving is expensive. You’re spending a lot of money to build and buy this house, and that’s just plain stressful. Are you still going to be able to afford the appliances you’ve been eyeing, or to go on that vacation you’ve been planning? There are so many things to think about, and so many things to do; your mind is racing with it all.

But even that will fade, and again you’ll be happy, so happy, and excited.

Why? Because the house is yours. All yours. Construction wrapped up last week; the closing is behind you; the keys are yours, and the big move happens now. Sure, moving brings with it its own ball of stress and emotions, but you’re ready. Because your dreams have come true: You’re a homeowner now.


And welcome home to Frederick. Welcome home to Eastchurch